Frequently asked questions and other random comments we get via email/phone:

MOST POPULAR QUESTION: How many people do you expect at your market?

We are never able to anticipate numbers for our markets because people’s plans change, weather effects decisions and SO MUCH MORE. We do not provide ‘guestimates’ either.
All we can do as market organisers is to ensure we promote it in every avenue possible (print, online and radio) and hope that all of our own efforts (along with the stall holders who also need to be promoting it via their channels too) turn into people through the door. It is also extremely valuable to note that high numbers does not always equate to greater sales!

1. What is the cost for a stall? 
Stall costs vary depending on location. You will be able to see the cost for a stall when you apply
2. Can I bring my own table & chairs?
3. Why do you charge so much?
We charge at a rate that is extremely competitive (and lower) than most markets. Keeping in mind that we are a business (just like you), the stall fees assist us with covering venue hire and insurance costs.
4. Can I negotiate my stall price with you to make it lower?
Rates are non-negotiable, much like speeding fines, phone bills and health insurance.
5. What happens if I need to cancel my stall at the last minute?
We’d REALLY prefer it if you didn’t because you won’t get a refund.
6. When would I get a refund?
You will only get a full refund if the market is cancelled by event organisers.
7. Can we adhere things to the walls of the market venue?
Unfortunately, no
8. Can I share your Facebook posts to my followers so they  know I’m exhibiting at your market?
YES you can! Share, Share & Share some more. Tell the whole world!
9. What if I decide I need more space and want to book another table?
If we have space available you can certainly book it, however it’s not free. You will be charged for the additional space.
10. How can I download an application form for a future market?
All applications can be found on this website under applications
11. How can I be notified of future markets so I can apply for a stall or just attend?
Like our Facebook page (facebook.com/thecreatorsmarketaus) or join our mailing list by clicking the tab above!
12. Can I put things in front of my stall?
Yes you can however please take into consideration the stall size you purchased and other stalls around you and walk ways for people coming through. We want your space to look fun and inviting but what we don’t want is for your stall to overshadow the one next to you or take up so much space it makes it hard to navigate around it
15. Can I bring business cards/flyers?
Hells yes! Bring any marketing material that you have for people to take away with them
16. Do you provide Eftpos machines?
No, at this stage we do not.
17. Do you guarantee number of attendance?
No, we do not guarantee how many people will walk through the door. We promote it through as many channels as we can (online, print & radio) and it is also the responsibility of you as a the stall holder to do the same.
18. What if I don’t make enough sales on the day to cover my stall?
Your stall holder fee covers so much more than on the day sales. A market is just that, ‘marketing’. By attending our market we have promoted you and given you additional exposure in the lead up to our market and unfortunately, we can’t control where customers spend their money on market days.  Some markets you might make heaps and another it might be quiet, it’s how markets work.
19. I’m unhappy with how many people came to my stall and the low number of sales I made
That’s unfortunate however again, as market organisers we don’t control where people put their money. Maybe this is a time for you to reflect on your stall presentation, product offering & also your approachability at a market. We believe every market day is a new opportunity to learn and grow your business!
20. I want to use the front room space (Prahran Town Hall only) with 5 other businesses, is this an option?
Certainly is, get in touch with us to discuss more!
21. I want to be placed near my friend at the market, can you make this happen?
Only if you book stalls together at the same time. Once a stall is allocated it cannot be moved.
22. What time is load in?
The venue opens 1.5 hours prior to the market starting, it is your responsibility to be there on time, be loaded on time and be ready to trade when the market starts. No exceptions. Market organisers will only arrive at the venue 1.5 hours prior to market, no exceptions to this rule will be made.
23. I’m not making many sales and want to leave early, can I?
Nope and if you leave then you might miss a potential opportunity to make one! Stall holders who leave early due to this reason (it has never happened yet!) will not be allowed back at The Creators Market.
24. What time is pack down?
Pack down starts when the market finishes and not any time earlier.
25. I need to move my car during the event, can you watch my stall?
No, we cannot. It is your responsibility as a stall holder to take care of your stall at all times. Should you wish to move your car throughout the event, please bring someone to watch your stall or ask another stall holder.
26. I want a coffee, can I leave my stall to get one?
We will have someone doing coffee orders, please wait for this to happen!
27. I want to share a stall with someone, can I do that?
Stalls are able to be shared as long as the product being shared has not reached capacity in another fully purchased stall. For example: If two stall holders have filled up the candle position, another stall selling fashion is unable to share that space with a candle stall holder as those two positions are already full.
Stall holders who are selling product on the day of market that they have not included in their application will be requested to remove the items to ensure fairness for every market stall holder!
28. If I’ve traded at a market before do I get preference in submitting an application to attend the next one?
We open up the applications and allow EVERY SINGLE CREATOR the opportunity to apply for a stall. Stall holders are accepted in the order they apply up until their category is at capacity. This ensures a fair playing field for everyone because we believe that’s how markets should be run. All creators deserve equal opportunity to trade with us and to give preferential treatment would be unfair. We appreciate your understanding with this one.

more questions and comments coming soon (or as we receive them!). Got one to add? Let us know at info@thecreatorsmarket.com.au

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