Meet the team!

rsz_01Like many great things, The Creators Market is a team effort made up of Megan and Gwen Luscombe. Lovers of a good market, they launched the event to create a market where products were keenly curated. An event where browsing the aisles wasn’t just more of the same ol’ stuff and whose makers were passionate about their wares.

Megan (left in picture) is your go-to-gal for (almost) all things market related including all stallholder information, invoicing, market event management and general market enquiries. Gwen (right in picture) works behind-the scenes as the media and marketing contact generating promotional love for the market and it’s fabulous creators.

You’ll find both Megan and Gwen at each and every market day (either at the door or inside shopping!). In the meantime you can reach them at: