frequently asked questions


i want to apply for all of your markets, can i do that?

unfortunately no. we open each market separately.

do i need public liability insurance?

insurance is the responsibility of the stall holder and is not provided by the creators market.

can i have power at my stall?

yes, for an additional set up fee. power sites are limited and stall holders must stipulate their requirements in their applications. failure to do so will result in a non-powered site.

how many people do you expect at your market?

we are never able to anticipate numbers for our markets because people’s plans change, weather effects decisions etc (we do not provide ‘guestimates’ either). all we can do as market organisers is to ensure we promote it in every avenue possible (print, online and radio) and hope that all of our own efforts (along with the stall holders who also need to be promoting it via their channels too) turn into people through the door. it is also extremely valuable to note that high numbers does not always equate to greater sales!

how long has the market been operating?

since january 2015.

who runs the event?

where does the market visit?

mornington peninsula, bellarine peninsula, bendigo, shepparton, castlemaine, mentone

how many stalls are at your markets?

our smallest market holds 40 stalls. our largest market holds 130.

what is the cost of a stall?

our indoor market stall costs start at $170 + gst for a 2m wide x 1.5m deep space.
our outdoor market (dromana estate) stall costs start at $170 + gst for a 3m x 3m space.

what time do your markets take place?

9am - 2pm

what’s included in the stall fee?

- a retail shop for 5 hours (so, your space)
- promotion to a social media audience of 19k+
- promotion to a customer database of 1.6k
- a dedicated event director & pr director working tirelessly for three months prior to market day, ensuring you have a smooth load in/pack down and over all market experience and more.

will i be on the only stall holder selling my product on market day?

absolutely not, if that were the case we’d only have one stall holder per category and that would make for a pretty boring (and small) market! we allow up to 2 stall holders per category per every 15 stalls.

what happens if i cancel my stall?

stall fees are non-refundable. if you choose to cancel, you choose to forfeit your money.

should you choose not to comply with the creators market cancellation terms, your future applications for stalls at the event won’t be considered.

can you guarantee i’ll make my ‘stall fee’ back?

your stall fee is a marketing investment and shouldn’t be looked at as simply ‘on the day’ sales when attending a market. when you pay your ‘stall fee’ you should look at it as part of your marketing budget for your business because that’s what attending our event is, A MARKET. we’re all about helping you build your awesome brand!

do you provide eftpos machines?

no, all stall holders must provide their own eftpos/square space machines.

do you guarantee number of attendance?

no, we do not guarantee how many people will walk through the door. we promote it through as many channels as we can (online, print & radio) and it is also the responsibility of you as a the stall holder to do the same. it’s important to note that our markets are about quality stall holders and customers. we want to attract customers who want to spend their money with stall holders, and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s better to have 10 people buy your products as opposed to 100 who just walk on by.

i’m unhappy with how many people came to my stall and the low number of sales i made

that’s unfortunate however again, as market organisers we don’t control where people put their money. maybe this is a time for you to reflect on your stall presentation, product offering & also your approachability at a market. we believe every market day is a new opportunity to learn and grow your business!

if wi-fi included?

no it is not and we strongly suggest you bring along your own dongle etc, should you require it.

can i choose my place?

floor plans are done by the creators market to ensure all stalls are placed fairly and in areas that suit their business.

should you wish to choose your position, additional fees are incurred.

what time is load in/pack down for markets?

the venue opens 1.5 hours prior to the market starting, it is your responsibility to be there on time, be loaded on time and be ready to trade when the market starts. no exceptions. market organisers will only arrive at the venue 1.5 hours prior to market, no exceptions to this rule will be made. pack down starts at 3pm sharp.

i want to share a stall with someone, can i?

stalls are able to be shared as long as the product being shared has not reached capacity in another fully purchased stall. for example: If two stall holders have filled up the candle position, another stall selling fashion is unable to share that space with a candle stall holder as those two positions are already full.

stall holders who are selling product on the day of market that they have not included in their application will be requested to remove the items to ensure fairness for every market stall holder!

please note: stall holders who share will not be promoted on socials

i want to submit an application for a market but it’s not available online, why?

applications are only available online when a market is accepting submissions.
if you can’t find the link to apply it means no markets are accepting applications at this time.

does payment get made when I apply or is it after I am approved?

payment is required within 3 days after you receive your email notifying you of approval. failure to make payment of this within 3 days will result in your spot being given to a member of the waitlist.

what type of advertising do you do?

we advertise each and every one of our markets via paid social media ads, print advertising/editorial and radio. our market has been in broadsheet, urban list, the weekly review, concrete playground and so much more.

we have also been featured on WIN news, Channel 9, ABC radio and more.

how do you advertise your small business when you’re attending markets?

advertising is the responsibility of both the stall holder & market.

does the market have local stall holders only at each market?

it is up to stall holders to apply to participate at the creators market and we 100% encourage local stall holders to apply!

if the stalls are outside can i be placed so that i am not facing into the sun?

we’d suggest you set up your stall in a way that suits your products best. we’re unable to predict the weather or know the direction of the sun.

how do i apply for a market?

via the apply tab.


But my question isn’t answered?!

please feel free to contact us via email with your specific questions.