it takes two baby


a very small and intimate team of two manage all aspects of the creators market. you read it right, two people.


megan luscombe / managing director & founder

when it comes to everyday management of The Creators Market, Megan is your gal. with 12 years of event management experience she is your go-to contact for all things relating to stall holders, venues, workshops and event.

lover of a great espresso (martini), you’ll find her seeking out the perfect coffee scented candle or brightly coloured earrings on market days.  

with an unwavering enthusiasm for supporting small businesses, she’s always on the lookout for a new venue, destination or workshop idea to help creators grow.


gwen luscombe / pr director & co-founder

pushing buttons and turning gears behind the curtain, you’ll find gwen behind the scenes managing the media, marketing and public relations for The Creators Market.

she’s worked in media and publishing for nearly 20 years and spends most market days looking for ‘gorgeous things’ and vintage-inspired homewares.

keen to promote The Creators Market far and wide, she’s always open for chats (especially over coffee or Champagne) regarding media coverage and event partnerships.